The controller of the personal data in the online shop of Estonia Spa Hotels at is:

Estonia Spa Hotels AS (commercial register code 10275471)
address: Sääse 7, Pärnu 80012
phone: +372 44 01 010
B/a number:  EE762200221081371692
Bank: Swedbank AS

Estonia Spa Hotels is committed to protecting the personal data of its customers. As a result, this privacy policy has been prepared for processing the personal data of customers in connection with the sale of gift cards in the online shop

In the processing of the personal data of the customers, Estonia Spa Hotels is guided by national and European Union legislation.

Estonia Spa Hotels processes the personal data of its customers to the extent necessary and as little as possible, for the purpose of providing a service to an individual.

Personal data are collected when the customer provides his or her contact information (first name, family name, e-mail address and phone number, and optionally, the company name, address and registration number, phone number and e-mail address) and payment information when purchasing gift cards on the website.

Estonia Spa Hotels will not transfer the customer’s personal data to third parties unless the obligation to transfer the data arises from the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

For the purpose of compiling statistics, Estonia Spa Hotels also processes the non-personal data of the customer. Also, Estonia Spa Hotel obtains non-personal data from “cookies”, as the customer uses the website.

To protect the customer’s personal data, Estonia Spa Hotels implements organisational, physical and information technology security measures. The personal data of a customer of Estonia Spa Hotels are only processed by the persons entitled to do so.

If a customer uses the website of Estonia Spa Hotels, the customer is deemed to have read and accepted the privacy policy.

Where Estonia Spa Hotels is represented in the services and social media channels provided by a third party, the privacy policies of these respective service providers apply.

Estonia Spa Hotels reserves the right to change this privacy policy if necessary, and will post the relevant changes on its website.

If you have any questions or issues concerning this privacy policy and other personal data processing procedures, contact us at